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Data generated from the Alum Innovative Exploration Project, one of several promising geothermal properties located in the middle to upper Miocene (~11-5 Ma, or million years BP) Silver Peak-Lone Mountain metamorphic core complex (SPCC) of the Walker Lane structural belt in Esmeralda County, west-central Nevada. The geothermal system at Alum is wholly concealed; its upper reaches discovered in the late 1970s during a regional thermal-gradient drilling campaign. The prospect boasts several shallow thermal-gradient (TG) boreholes with TG >75oC/km (and as high as 440oC/km) over 200-m intervals in the depth range 0-600 m. Possibly boiling water encountered at 239 m depth in one of these boreholes returned chemical- geothermometry values in the range 150-230oC. GeothermEx (2008) has estimated the electrical- generation capacity of the current Alum leasehold at 33 megawatts for 20 years; and the corresponding value for the broader thermal anomaly extending beyond the property at 73 megawatts for the same duration. Contains a series of photographs of th Alum project area.

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