Bedrock Geology of the Woodstock Quadrangle, Vermont

This resource is available as a downloadable file, ESRI Service, and as a Web Map service. Resource includes a Bedrock map, Tectonic map, and text on Bedrock geology for the Woodstock Quadrangle, Vermont. For more information see links provided. Abstract: The Woodstock quadrangle, in east-central Vermont, lies partly on the eastern limb of the Green Mountain anticlinorium and partly in the region of domes and recumbent folds of eastern Vermont. The oldest rocks belong to the Precambrian Mount Holly complex and are exposed in the extreme southwest corner of the area. These are overlain eastward by younger strata. They include the Tyson, Hoosac and Pinnev Hollow formations at the base and the Gile Mountain, Standing Pond and Waits River formations at the top. Twelve major units as well as certain of their subdivisions have been mapped. These rocks range in probable age from lowest Cambrian to Devonian and have a total thickness of more than 20,000 feet. Nearly the entire eastern Vermont sequence is thus exposed in the quadrangle.

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