Forecasting Capital Investment Behavior For The Geothermal Electric Power Industry A Preliminary Report

Geothermal Resources Represent A Potentially Significant Source Of Energy From Which Electric Power May Be Generated In The United States. The Rate At Which These Resources Will Be Developed Depends On The Rate At Which Firms Will Invest Capital Into Geothermal Exploration, Development And Utilization Projects. This Investment Behavior Can Be Estimated By An Applied Forecasting Model, The Development Of Which Is Presently Being Performed At The University Of Pennsylvania Under Contract To The U.S. Department Of Energy. The Objective Of The Investment Modeling Project Is To Estimate The Conditional Probability Of Regional Capital Investments In Geothermal Well Fields And Power Plants. When Complete, This Model Can Be Employed To Analyze Impacts Of Public Policy Decisions. This Paper Summarizes Geothermal Investment Modeling Including Explicit Discussions Of Integrated Theoretical And Realistic Industry Criteria For Investment Decision Making And Stochastic Elements Of These Investment Decisions. Egi Reference Number Gl03805

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