Geology of the Tuscarora Geothermal Prospect, Elko County, Nevada

ABSTRACT The Tuscarora geothermal prospect is located at the north end of Independence Valley in northern Nevada. Thermal springs issue from Oligocene tuffaceous sediments near the center of an area of high thermal gradient. The springs, are associated with a large siliceous sinter mound and are currently depositing silica and calcium carbonate. Measured fluid temperatures range up to 95 C,and chemical geothermometers indicate a reservoir temperature of 216 C. The Independence Valley contains 35 to 39 m.y. old tuffs and tuffaceous sediments which overlie Paleozoic clastic and volcanicrocks and are overlain by Miocene lava and pyroclastic flows.The rocks have been deformed by normal faults trending north-south and northwest and by folds trending north-south which have been active in the Pleistocene.

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