Heat Flow Calculated from BHT Derived Temperature Gradients and Thermal Conductivity Based on Regional Stratigraphy

Abstract: With support from Google.org, the SMU Geothermal Laboratory calculated heat flow for the coterminous United States. Researchers utilized oil and gas industry Bottom Hole Temperature (BHT) data to expand the data coverage beyond SMU’s original collection of equilibrium well temperature logs, which were regionally concentrated in the western United States. This data set contains the calculated heat flow values using temperature gradients derived from corrected BHT values. The BHT values were corrected for drilling disturbances using the SMU-Harrison methodology. The thermal conductivity data used in the heat flow calculations were based on regional specific stratigraphic models, including input from AAPG COSUNA and basin cross-sections. For data correction and reference details use the link http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Formal Additional parameters and description of the file content is available at http://geothermal.smu.edu/.

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