Heat Flow of Oregon

An extensive new heat flow and geothermal gradient data set for the State of Oregon is presented on a contour map of heat flow at a scale of 1:1,000,000 and is summarized in several figures and tables. The 1:1,000,000 scale heat flow map is contoured at 20 mW/m/sup 2/ (0.5 HFU) intervals. Also presented are maps of heat flow and temperature at a depth of 1 km averaged for 1/sup 0/ x 1/sup 0/ intervals. Histograms and averages of geothermal gradient and heat flow for the State of Oregon and for the various physiographic provinces within Oregon are also included. The unweighted mean flow for Oregon is 81.3 +- 2.7 mW/m/sup 2/ (1.94 +- 0.06 HFU). The average unweighted geothermal gradient is 65.3 +- 2.5/sup 0/C/km. The average heat flow value weighted on the basis of geographic area is 68 +- 5 mW/m/sup 2/ (1.63 +- 0.12 HFU) and the average weighted geothermal gradient is 55.0 +- 5/sup 0/C/km

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Name Blackwell, D.D.; Hull, D.A.; Bowen, R.G.; Steele, J.L.
Organization State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, Portland, Oregon (USA)
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North Bound 46.292
South Bound 41.9917941
East Bound -116.463262
West Bound -124.6129365