Investigation of Two Areas in New York State which may have Potential for Geothermal Energy. Progress Report, May 1, 1976--September 31, 1976

Significant results to date include the following: (1) the present Adirondack Mountains Dome is undergoing rapid contemporary vertical doming; the velocity at the center of the dome is 3.7mm/yr, compared to 1mm/yr for the Swiss Alps; (2) post-Pleistocene fault offsets measuring from one to eleven millimeters have been found in the Adirondacks, indicating vertical uplift during the past 10,000 years; (3) the Panther Mountain Circular drainage feature is structurally-controlled and shows a 10 to 20 milligal negative Simple Bouguer gravity anomaly such as might be produced by a buried felsic pluton.

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