Reservoir Physics and Hot Dry Rock in Current National R/D Projects

National geothermal energy development program in Japan began in the early 1970is as one of the Sunshine Project (R/D on new energy technology). The program has been funded by the Sunshine Project Promotion Headquarters, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The main targets of geothermal energy project are to develop (1)technology for exploration and extraction of hot hydrothermal energy, ( 2 ) technology for power generation using geothermal hot water (1OMW class binarycycle test plant), (3)technology or hot dry rock power generation systems, (4)technolcqy for multi-phase utilization of geothermal energy and preservation of environment. The FY1988 total budget for all national geothermal R/D programs is about 5386 million Yen (43 million US dollars,15=125 Yen). NEDO (New . Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) established in 1980 by the government and private sector plays the main role in promoting national energy development with participation by several national institutes such as GSJ(Geologica1 Survey of Japan), NRIPRfNational Research Institute for Pollution and Resources), Tohoku Industrial Research Institute and so on.

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