The Retention Of Metallic Mercury Vapor By Soils

Five Surface Soils From Southeastern Montana Were Exposed To Air Containing Elemental Mercury Vapor. The Majority Of The Sorbed Hg Was Found To Volatilize At 100-200 Degrees C. The Sorbed Hg Was Resistant To Extraction By Water, Neutral Salts, Methanol Or Dtpa. Cysteine, Acetyl Acetone And Cupferron Showed Limited Extraction Of Sorbed Hg. While Benzene And To A Greater Extent, Hydrochloric Acid And Sodium Hydroxide Demonstrated High Removals Of Sorbed Hg. The Observed Behavior Suggests That Elemental Hg May Be Retained By Soils As An Organo-Complex. Egi Reference Number Gl03776

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