Thermal Gradient and Heat Flow Drilling, Volume 5, Final Report

During the summer of 1975, the Department of Geology and Geophysics drilled nine drill thermal gradient/heat flow holes. Total footage drilled was 2125 feet. Seven holes were drilled with a Mayhew 1000 drill using various combinations of down the hole hammer drilling, rotary drilling, and NX diamond core drilling. Three of these were heat flow holes--one in the Mineral Range, one in the Tushar Range near Beaver, Utah, and one near Monroe, Utah. Two were alteration study holes in the Roosevelt KGRA and two were temperature gradient holes, in alluvium in the Roosevelt KGRA. The average depth of the holes drilled with the Mayhew 1000 drill was 247 feet. Holes ranged from 135 feet to 492 feet. Cost per foot averaged $18.53. Two holes were core drilled with a Joy 12, BX-size drill. One was to 75 feet, in perlite. This hole was abandoned. The other was to 323 feet in granite.

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